Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[VIDEO] 2017-2018 Winter Sports Previews: Warwick Boys Basketball

Our 2nd stop of the preseason on our News 11 Sports Winter Preview tour... the Warwick boys basketball program!! See what they've got going on over there in Lititz...

[VIDEO] 2017-2018 Winter Sports Previews: Warwick Girls Basketball

Our Winter Sports Preview Tour is back again for another trip around Lancaster County!! Our first stop is at Warwick girls basketball practice...

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Best of the Best: Fall 2017

Vote for what you think is the best play of the Fall 2017 season!

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Monday, November 20, 2017

2017-2018 BRC11 Winter Sports Broadcast Schedule

Winter Sports Schedule
December 11: (Boys Bball) -- Cedar Crest vs. Manheim Central    (7:30pm)
December 13: (Girls Bball) -- Ephrata vs. Warwick                         (6:30pm)
December 13: (Boys Bball) -- Ephrata vs. Warwick                         (8:00pm)
December 15: (Boys Bball) -- Garden Spot vs.Cocalico                  (7:30pm)
December 18: (Girls Bball) -- Donegal vs. Manheim Central          (7:30pm)
December 20: (Girls Bball) -- Cocalico vs. Ephrata                         (7:30pm)
December 22: (Boys Bball) -- Hempfield vs. Warwick                    (7:30pm)

 January 2:  (Girls Bball) -- Manheim Central vs. Cocalico               (7:30pm)
January 5:  (Girls Bball) -- JP McCaskey vs. Warwick                     (7:30pm)
January 6:  (Wrestling)  -- Manheim Central vs. Cocalico                (7:00pm)
January 9:  (Boys Bball) -- Conestoga Valley vs. Warwick              (7:30pm)
January 10: (Wrestling) -- Garden Spot vs. Ephrata                          (7:00pm)
January 12: (Boys Bball) -- Manheim Central vs. Ephrata                (7:30pm)
January 16: (Girls Bball) -- Garden Spot vs. Cocalico                      (7:30pm)
January 23: (Boys Bball) -- Cocalico vs. Ephrata                              (7:30pm)
January 24: (Wrestling)  --  Cocalico vs. Warwick                             (7:00pm)
January 26: (Boys Bball) --Manheim Central vs. Cocalico                (7:30pm)
January 27: (Wrestling) --   L-L League Wrestling Finals                   (TBA)
January 30: (Boys Bball) -- LS vs. Manheim Central                         (7:30pm)
February 2: (Girls Bball) -- Conestoga Valley vs. Warwick                (7:30pm)
February 6: (Girls Bball) -- Manheim Central vs. Ephrata                  (7:30pm)

Friday, November 3, 2017

HSGN 2017: Top Football Plays of Week 10

Check 'em out and vote for your favorite in the poll below!

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