Monday, August 31, 2015

COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF!! 2015 L-L League Football Season

Hey football fans...we know you're getting excited for High School football to be back on Friday Nights!!  BRC11 as always will be broadcasting a weekly HS game on our channel...Live in HD (613)!!  In the past, you've shown lots of interest in our broadcasts and we're hoping you will continue to support us in 2015.  Here's a great matchup to get you started in Week 1...followed by the rest of our fantastic 2015 L-L League Football Schedule!!  Enjoy...

Week 2: Ephrata at Cocalico - 7pm
Week 3: Warwick at Ephrata - 7pm
Week 4: Lanc. Cath. at Garden Spot - 7pm
Week 5: Manheim Township at Warwick - 7pm
Week 6: Garden Spot at Cocalico - 7pm
Week 7: Lampeter-Strasburg at Manheim Central - 7pm
Week 8: Manheim Central at Cocalico - 7pm
Week 9: Garden Spot at Manheim Central - 7pm
Week 10: Cocalico at Lanc. Cath. - 7pm

Thursday, August 27, 2015

{VIDEOS} 2015 Fall Sports Previews

Another highly anticipated high school fall sports season is upon us. The News 11 Sports crew is making our rounds at pre-season camps and giving you an inside look at how your local teams are feeling about the upcoming 2015 season. Find your favorite squad and check out our fall sports preview!!