Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 11 Sports Stories of 2014

#11: Garden Spot Football beats Manheim Central

#10: Ephrata Cross Country Historic Season

#9: Marissa Gingrich/Matt Walsh 1,000 Point Scorers

#8: Ephrata HS baseball three-peats as Section 2 champs!

#7: Ben Swarr's final season at Garden Spot

#6: Barons' Boss Mike Williams Retires

#5: Cocalico's Season of Setbacks and Success

#4: L-L League Track Stars Shine

#3: Ephrata Legion Post 429 "4-Peat"!

#2: Historical Hoops Season

#1: December 31st @ 530pm

Top 5 Plays of the Week: 12-22-14

Our Top 5 Plays of the 2014-2015 winter season continue in Week 2! Check them out!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Millersville University field hockey looks back at NCAA Division II Championship

All season long, Millersville sat atop the Division II Field Hockey standings (whether in 1st or 2nd). They eventually made it to PSAC Championship game, only to lose to West Chester. However, in the NCAA Tournament, the Ville got revenge...beating both Shippensburg and West Chester en route to a national title.
We sat down with their championship head coach Shelly Behrens and a few local players to get a feel for the dramatic end to a hugely successful season!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Manheim Central's Matt Walsh Scores 1,000th Point

He did it in style, dropping 18 on Ephrata on Monday, December 8th, 2014.

2014 L-L League Football All-Stars

(as voted by coaches)

Section One: Doug Dahms, Wilson
Section Two: Tony Cox, Solanco
Section Three: Roy Wall, Northern Lebanon
Outstanding Back of the Year: Shane Dantzler, Wilson
Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Austin Rosa, Wilson

QB Erik Benjamin, Manheim Township
RB Shane Dantzler, Wilson
RB Devin Washington, Hempfield
RB Cartier Morton, Manheim Township
WR Evan Horn, Cedar Crest
WR Fisayo Oluleye, Manheim Township
WR Will Blair, Hempfield
TE Alex Twiford, Wilson
C Matt Keller, Penn Manor
G Austin Maguire, Warwick
G Chris Zerbe, Wilson
T Adam Wagaman, Warwick
T Tanner Evans, Manheim Township
PK Steve Johnson, Hempfield
KR Cartier Morton, Manheim Township
Wide Receiver of the Year: Fisayo Oluleye, Manheim Township
Offensive Back of the Year: Shane Dantzler, Wilson
Offensive Lineman of the Year: Chris Zerbe, Wilson

IL A.J. McCloud, Manheim Township
IL Tanner Evans, Manheim Township
IL Chris Osorio, Wilson
ISLB Jake Zug, Manheim Township
ISLB Ike Schannauer, Wilson
OSLB Will Blair, Hempfield
OSLB Tucker Evans, Manheim Township
DB Evan Horn, Cedar Crest
DB Fisayo Oluleye, Manheim Township
DB Chris Borg, Warwick
DB Jon Fox, Wilson
DE Noah Braun, Penn Manor
DE Austin Rosa, Wilson
P Dan Zeswitz, Manheim Township
Defensive Back of the Year: Jon Fox, Wilson
Defensive Lineman of the Year: Austin Rosa, Wilson
Linebacker of the Year: Ike Schannauer, Wilson

QB Tanner Erisman, Penn Manor
RB Randolph Speller, McCaskey
RB Joel Lopez, Conestoga Valley
RB Ashton Leschke, Penn Manor
WR Jake Gehman, Wilson
WR Kyaire Bynum, McCaskey
WR John Stutz, Manheim Township
TE Raymie Ferreira, Cedar Crest
C Tim O'Hara, Manheim Township
G Noah Braun, Penn Manor
G Kole Martin, Conestoga Valley
T Ike Schannauer, Wilson
T Mike Baker, Hempfield
PK Soren Frost, Cedar Crest
KR Connor Brinton, Conestoga Valley

IL Steve Mazewski, Manheim Township
IL Colin Hunt, Conestoga Valley
IL Brody Hastings, Conestoga Valley
ISLB Ashton Leschke, Penn Manor
ISLB Tyler Owens, McCaskey
OSLB Damon Edwards, Cedar Crest
OSLB Chris Zerbe, Wilson
DB Tyler Spangler, Penn Manor
DB Kamaal Gantz, McCaskey
DB Caleb Jean-Louis, Hempfield
DB Connor Howell, Wilson
DE Adam Wagaman, Warwick
DE Tyler Grier, Hempfield
P Steve Johnson, Hempfield

QB, Jake Templin, Wilson; LaDetrius Sibley, McCaskey; Sam Kramer, Hempfield; Grant Stoltzfus, Conestoga Valley
RB, Vincente Maldonado, Conestoga Valley; Tucker Evans, Manheim Township; Jamal McCaskell, Penn Manor; Tyler Spangler, Penn Manor
WR, Jovan Marrero, Conestoga Valley
C, Garrett DeBien, Cedar Crest
G, Colby Doman, Penn Manor; Pete Wiedner, Wilson; Colin Hunt, Conestoga Valley; Presten Kimmel, Hempfield; Jack Storz, Manheim Township; Ricky White, McCaskey
T, Alex Flocken, Cedar Crest; Kyle Mawhinney, Wilson; Brady Walton, McCaskey
PK, Daniel Zeswitz, Manheim Township; Grant Stoltzfus, Conestoga Valley; Nick Hart, Wilson; Max Chalfant, McCaskey
KR, Connor Howell, Wilson; Randolph Speller, McCaskey
IL, Mackenzie Saloka, Wilson; Kole Martin, Conestoga Valley
ISLB, Justin Smith, Warwick; Tyler Norwood, Conestoga Valley; Wyatt Miller, Hempfield; Connor Ritter, Wilson
OSLB, Nick Perez, McCaskey; Foday Jalloh, Wilson; Addison Hurst, Conestoga Valley; Seve Johnson, Penn Manor
DB, Tyler Melhorn, Warwick; Randolph Speller, McCaskey; Vincente Maldonado, Conestoga Valley; Dominic Garloff, Cedar Crest
DE, Riley MacDonald, Manheim Township; Nolan Campbell, Wilson; Matt Keller, Penn Manor; Noah Schairer, Manheim Township
P, Max Chalfant, McCaskey; Jake Klein, Wilson

Outstanding Back of the Year: Collin Shank, Lampeter-Strasburg
Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Chad Zunich, Manheim Central

QB Collin Shank, Lampeter-Strasburg
RB Nassir Weaver, Lancaster Catholic
RB Damon Camacho, Manheim Central
RB Robbie Hassel, Solanco
WR Nick Negron, Lebanon
WR Jared Kramp, Lancaster Catholic
WR Javon McIntyre, Garden Spot
TE Darren Metz, Lampeter-Strasburg
C Chad Zunich, Manheim Central
G John Fry, Cocalico
G Dawson Gote, Solanco
T Jared Greene, Manheim Central
T Dan Kreider, Lampeter-Strasburg
PK Derek Adams, Manheim Central
KR Omel Francois, Lebanon
KR Tucker Ford, Manheim Central
Wide receiver of the year: Nick Negron, Lebanon
Offensive back of the year: Collin Shank, Lampeter-Strasburg
Offensive lineman of the year: Chad Zunich, Manheim Central

IL Bo Spiller, Solanco
IL Abdul Saad, Cocalico
IL Curtis Herr, Solanco
ISLB Jake Riehl, Garden Spot
ISLB Andrew Buchanan, Lampeter-Strasburg
OSLB Collin Shank, Lampeter-Strasburg
OSLB Bryce Merkt, Elizabethtown
DB Devon Delpiano, Cocalico
DB Vincent Ortiz, Solanco
DB Jared Kramp, Lancaster Catholic
DB Ross Souders, Lampeter-Strasburg
DE Zack Christian, Manheim Central
DE Darius Goudy, Lancaster Catholic
P Derek Adams, Manheim Central
Defensive back of the year: Devon Delpiano, Cocalico
Defensive lineman of the year: Zack Christian, Manheim Central
Linebacker of the year: Andrew Buchanan, Lampeter-Strasburg

QB Mitch Martin, Garden Spot
RB Ross Souders, Lampeter-Strasburg
RB D.J. Fabiani, Cocalico
RB Khaleem Gary-Newkirk, Lebanon
WR, Devon Delpiano, Cocalico
WR Christian Hemp, Lancaster Catholic
WR Daryl Hartman, Garden Spot
TE Sam Martin, Manheim Central
C Shannon Fairchild, Lampeter-Strasburg
G Trey Copenhaver, Garden Spot
G Merek Hilliker, Lampeter-Strasburg
T Eric Hopkins, Solanco
T Noah Thomas, Lancaster Catholic
T Keegan Sheedy, Lancaster Catholic
PK Cody Bleacher, Solanco
KR Devon Delpiano, Cocalico

IL Lucas Imm, Lebanon
IL Rylan Eberly, Garden Spot
IL Jared Greene, Manheim Central
ISLB Craig McKee, Manheim Central
ISLB Dennis Boyer, Cocalico
OSLB Kevin Starner, Manheim Central
OSLB Tim Stoltzfus, Garden Spot
DB Kory Montoro, Garden Spot
DB D.J. Fabiani, Cocalico
DB Gavin Guyer, Manheim Central
DB Khaleem Gary-Newkirk, Lebanon
DE Stewart Martin, Cocalico
DE Isaiah Carr, Lampeter-Strasburg
P Jonny Jones, Elizabethtown

QB, Dante Haines, Cocalico; Tony Staffieri, Manheim Central; Noah McCardell, Solanco
RB, Armani Mongno, Elizabethtown; Jahad Jeffers, Garden Spot; Gabe Fuhrman, Elizabethtown; Chad Gaudino, Lampeter-Strasburg; Justin Moreno, Manheim Central; Matt Weinhold, Cocalico
WR, Tucker Ford, Manheim Central; Jason Sindorf, Lampeter-Strasburg
TE, Ricky Poillon, Lancaster Catholic
C, Christen Weder, Solanco; Lucas Imm, Lebanon; Caleb Wagner, Garden Spot
G, Shane Volchko, Elizabethtown; Brady Maxwell, Cocalico; Connor Cummins, Lebanon
PK, Peyton Denlinger, Lampeter-Strasburg; Dan Miklos, Lancaster Catholic; Gavin Eberly, Garden Spot
KR, Christian Kemp, Lancaster Catholic; Troy Miller, Solanco
IL, Shane Volchko, Elizabethtown; Pete Tollinger, Lampeter-Strasburg; Chad Zunich, Manheim Central
ISLB, Kyle Williams, Solanco; Holden Gates, Lebanon; Grayson Hirst, Lampeter-Strasburg
OSLB, Jeremy Marshall, Cocalico; Ricky Poillon, Lancaster Catholic
DB, Matt Hastings, Solanco; Bryan Downey, Lancaster Catholic; Logan Yohn, Elizabethtown; Jason Sindorf, Lampeter-Strasburg; Javon McIntyre, Garden Spot; George Grau, Lampeter-Strasburg; Frank Bowman, Manheim Central; Calvin King, Garden Spot
DE, Duncan Aston, Manheim Central; Kurt Harnish, Lancaster Catholic
P, Noah McCardell, Solanco; Michael Jacunski, Lancaster Catholic; Ben Kegerise, Cocalico; Mitch Martin, Garden Spot

Outstanding Back of the Year: Isaac Ray, Northern Lebanon
Outstanding Lineman of the Year: John Groh, Annville-Cleona

QB Isaac Ray, Northern Lebanon
RB Connor Maxwell, Donegal
RB Noah Connor, Annville-Cleona
RB Dominic Trader, Northern Lebanono
WR Dustin Miller, Elco
WR Mason Yost, Northern Lebanon
WR Austin Hartman, Columbia
TE John Groh, Annville-Cleona
C Adam Bennett, Annville-Cleona
G Matt Vines, Northern Lebanon
G Kole Orfino, Annville-Cleona
T Matt Yoder, Donegal
T Andrew Fox, Northern Lebanon
PK Matt Light, Annville-Cleona
KR Austin Dimeler, Donegal
Wide receiver of the year: Dustin Miller, Elco
Offensive back of the year: Isaac Ray, Northern Lebanon
Offensive lineman of the year: John Groh, Annville-Cleona

IL Matt Vines, Northern Lebanon
IL Lucas Bush, Annville-Cleona
IL John Lindquist, Pequea Valley
IL Ben Sweigart, Donegal
ISLB Brandon Light, Annville-Cleona
ISLB Connor Maxwell, Donegal
OSLB Gabe Allgyer, Pequea Valley
OSLB Tanner Shirk, Donegal
DB Austin Fisher, Pequea Valley
DB Austin Hartman, Columbia
DB Dustin Miller, Elco
DB Mason Yost, Northern Lebanon
DE John Groh, Annville-Cleona
DE Bryce Sadler, Donegal
P Colton Herb, Northern Lebanon
Defensive back of the year: Mason Yost, Northern Lebanon
Defensive lineman of the year: John Groh, Annville-Cleona
Linebacker of the year: Connor Maxwell, Donegal

QB Jeff Martin, Elco
RB Bryce Sadler, Donegal
RB Hunter Smith, Pequea Valley
RB Tyler Horst, Elco
WR Skyler Minnich, Donegal
WR Alex Rummel, Ephrata
TE Dylan Stoops, Elco
C George Thompson, Northern Lebanon
G Nate Hostetter, Elco
G Josh Hartman, Annville-Cleona
T Pat Adams, Elco
T Andrew Burris, Annville-Cleona
PK Dustin Miller, Elco
KR Cameron Hoch, Annville-Cleona

IL Cheyne Claxton, Pequea Valley
IL Dustin Motter, Northern Lebanon
ISLB Tyler Horst, Elco
ISLB Hunter Lehman, Ephrata
OSLB Kurtis Reigle, Annville-Cleona
OSLB Kahjay Warren, Northern Lebanon
OSLB Kyle Knight, Elco
DB Travis Gates, Northern Lebanon
DB Kory Brown, Elco
DB Dominic Trader, Northern Lebanon
DB Cameron Hoch, Annville-Cleona
DE Trace Seiple, Annville-Cleona
DE Nate Hostetter, Elco
P Hunter Smith, Pequea Valley

QB, Kyle Warfel, Columbia; Connor Ness, Donegal; Gabe Allgyer, Pequea Valley
RB Jason Price, Columbia; Austin Fisher, Pequea Valley; Dustin Fisher, Ephrata; Austin Dimeler, Donegal; Will Langan, Annville-Cleona; Noah Smith, Northern Lebanon
WR, Cameron Hoch, Annville-Cleona
TE, Yashua Montague, Donegal
G, John Gregson, Pequea Valley
T, Dustin Motter, Northern Lebanon; Tyler Doratt, Pequea Valley
PK, Michael Hauk, Northern Lebanon; Caroline Stauffer, Ephrata; Owen Geedey, Pequea Valley
KR, Austin Fisher, Pequea Valley; Hunter Lehman, Ephrata
ISLB, RJ Vasquez, Donegal; Luke Funck, Northern Lebanon
OSLB, Kenny Halterman, Columbia; Ryan Rolon, Elco; Mark Wagner, Annville-Cleona
DB, Isaac Wengert, Northern Lebanon; Derek Mohr, Donegal; Alec Barr, Annville-Cleona
DE, Donnie Broomell, Pequea Valley; Patrick Griffith, Ephrata
P, Connor Maxwell, Donegal; Alex Rummel, Ephrata

Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Previews 2014-2015: Ephrata Girls Basketball

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Winter Previews 2014-2015: Manheim Central Boys Basketball

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Harlem Wizards vs. Cocalico Crushers

One of Harlem's finest traveling show basketball teams came to Denver last night to play a team of Cocalico coachers, teachers and personalities! News 11 Sports videographer Matt McGovern was there to capture the sights and sounds!

Winter Previews 2014-2015: Warwick Boys Basketball

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Previews 2014-2015: Warwick Girls Basketball

We preview the season for Warwick girls basketball! A young team on the rise!

Winter Previews 2014-2015: Warwick Wrestling

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Winter Previews 2014-2015: Cocalico Boys Basketball

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