Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[VIDEO]Sinkhole Closes Grosh Field

 Sinkhole closes down Grosh Field. 

A sinkhole shut downs Grosh Field at Warwick High School. School officials say all the rain over the weekend might have been the cause.
 "More than four inches of rain this past weekend contributed to the development of a large sinkhole on the Grosh Field turf.

The sink hole is located near the 20-yard line, toward the concession stand on the home side of the track. A review of the school’s surveillance video shows that it occurred after more than four inches of rain fell on Friday, June 1. The earth began to buckle on Saturday, June 2.

he turf fabric of the field is not damaged, however, it is separated from the macadam of the adjoining track.
Construction professionals and district officials, including a geo technician, took their first look at the sinkhole together late Monday afternoon. Presently, the plans are to roll the turf fabric back, examine the opening, and create a plan to address it as quickly as possible.

The insurance company has been contacted and a claim is open at this time. However, it is still too preliminary to have any costs or potential reimbursements known.

When the field was constructed, extensive testing for sinkholes was done, and systems were put in place to address drainage, etc., including a two foot deep bed of clay covered by six inches of stone and stone dust.
Unfortunately, Lancaster County is notorious for sinkholes. According to the geo technician who reviewed the site, this sink hole could have been present for a very long time, possibly thousands of years.  The heavy rains in the fall and this spring have been ongoing, contributing factors to this problem.

Warwick School District has dealt with multiple sink holes in the past and has extensive experience in their repair. According to Superintendent Dr. April Hershey, “We look forward to having the repair completed quickly and getting our field back up and running normally as soon as possible.”
Grosh Field remains closed until the repair work is completed."

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