Thursday, March 15, 2012

Local Teen Tries to "Roll" in Awareness for Tourette's Syndrome [VIDEO]

Warwick's  Joseph rolls to the state tournament, overcoming all the odds stacked against her. 

Warwick's Johanna Joseph is quite the bowler. The senior averages 190 a game, and rolled a season high of 280 earlier this season. These stats placed her among the top bowlers in section one, and ultimately lead to her to the mecca of PA bowlers, the State Championships in Pittsburgh.

All this success despite suffering from Tourette Syndrome and Asperger Syndrome.

 Joseph suffered minor tics at 13; but in 2010, the tics got worse and more constant. Her twitches sometimes so violent, Joseph says sometimes she can't even eat by herself. And earlier this year, during an episode, Joseph hit her left hand on a door, breaking bones in her left hand.

But that doesn't stop Joseph. She qualified for the state competition after finishing in the top 12 at the Regional Tournament. Now she is hoping to bring awareness to the nervous system disorder  with her facebook blog, "Life with a Twitch." (click here for a link to her blog)

Click on the video after the jump for the full story, including interviews with Johanna, her parents, and Warwick Bowling Coach, Bill Bernstein.

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