Thursday, February 16, 2012

District 3 Singles Bowling Qualfification

Next up for L-L bowlers... the District 3 singles tournament.

After impressive performances in L-L singles competition, the following local bowlers have qualified for the District 3 tourney:


Aerika High, Manheim Central
Kelsey Hammond, Manheim Central
Johanna Joseph, Warwick
Bryanna Nihoff, Warwick
Brandi Witmyer, Warwick
Sirena Rowland, Garden Spot
Nancy Reichert, Lancaster Catholic
Sara Strausbaugh, Lancaster Catholic


Ronnie Kingsboro, Manheim Central
Matt Martin, Garden Spot
Rodney Rippy, Conestoga Valley
Keith Sholly, Ephrata
Matt Pleger, Lancaster Catholic
Tom Mattaini, Lancaster Catholic

The District competition is set for February 25th.

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