Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lions Club Honors Trio

John Armbrust, Robbie Gillin, and Johnnie Martin awarded Frantz-Rider-Yohe Award

Lions Club Awards Trio
The Lions Clubs of Columbia, Elizabethtown, and Lititz recognized three of the leagues most outstanding football players.

With one honoree from each L-L League Section, Garden Spot's John Armbrust,Wilson's Robbie Gillin, and Donegal's Johnnie Martin  were the 2011 recipients of the Frantz-Rider-Yohe Award.

The Spartan earned the honor after working the option this season, throwing for 29 touchdowns and rushing for over 500 yards.

Armbrust was joined by his parents and coach Matt Zamperini while receiving the award.

Click on the video below to hear from the honoree Spartan.

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