Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Local Hockey Team Battles Off the Ice

Cocalico/Garden Spot Ice Hockey Team trying to keep the club alive. 

No winter sports schedule would feel right without an ice hockey game, but for Cocalico and Garden Spot it's a battle to keep getting back on the ice.

The two high schools joining  forces to create the "Spagels" after participation started to decrease. One of the reasons for the low turnout the last few seasons is plainly the cost. The equipment alone can run up the tab up to hundreds of dollars. The team tries to organize fund-raisers to help cut the cost.

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If you would like to donate or request information about the team, contact Rose Ackerman at:

PO BOX 96 Adamstown, PA 19501.
phone: 717-484-0496

If you would like to join the team please contact Coach Randy Leisey at:

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