Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe Paterno Era Over

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and school president Graham Spanier fired over handling of rape allegations. 

Penn State's legendary coach preached winning the right way, but now Joe Paterno ends his career at the helm of the program in the midst of scandals.

The university's board of trustees deciding Wednesday night to fire both Paterno and school president, Graham Spanier. This comes hours after Paterno made a statement saying he was going to retire at the end of the season, his 46th.

Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley will serve as interim coach while Rodney Erickson will be the interim school president.

 Paterno came under harsh criticism for not taking more action in 2002 after then-graduate assistant and current assistant coach Mike McQueary came to him and reported seeing former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky in the Penn State showers with a young boy.

Click on the video below to hear what Manheim Central's head coach, Mike Williams says should be real focus.

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