Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sovereign Bank Stadium: A Tale of Two Fields

A Unique Sovereign Bank Stadium is Home Sweet Home for the Revs. 

 York is in the hunt for the second playoff spot in the Freedom Division, with their chosen battlefield being Sovereign Bank Stadium. And anyone that goes to the ballpark knows that the Revs have pretty big guns - literally.

 To the loud weaponry in a bit, but first it's the first thing you see when you come in to the park, and it hovers over left field intimidating batters. Arch Nemesis stands at 37 feet and eight inches tall, which is six inches taller than the Green Monster at Fenway Park. Revs' players it's both a blessing and curse having Nemesis on the left. "If you miss hit you get a single off the wall or a double, or sometimes you can get an outfielder who isn't used to it turning routine balls into hits," says Revs Infielder, Vince Harrison.

That's in left, but on the right, York places its heavy artillery. Like they say everyday at Sovereign Bank Stadium, this guy needs no introductions. Cannon Ball Charlie, or Jason Kreiger as his friends call him, fires his cannon after the top of the first inning and whenever the home team scores a home run.

 Kreiger is a lab instructor in York College when not shooting the cannon, and he says he is honored to be part of the Revolution family.

For more on the story and an interview with Charlie himself click on the video below.

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