Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adult Dodgeball is a Hit in Lancaster

Lanco Fieldhouse offers a chance for adults to play dodgeball all year round.

Lanco Fieldhouse hosts Dodgeball Playoffs
The game many remember during their school days is attracting big kids now. The Lanco Fieldhouse adult dodgeball league is hitting the ground running as it continues to attract new players.

 In its first session, three years ago, there were only four teams. Now organizers say there might be as many as 20 teams signing up this upcoming fall session. Many around the area say they use the league to get together with friends and co workers; while others say they joined the league for the exercise and so that they can get their daily aggression out.

  There are five different leagues throughout the year, with games played on Monday nights. No membership is required, with the only requirement being that you must be 16 years old to play.

For more information head over to Lanco Fieldhouse for how you can sign up.

You can watch the entire story in the video below.


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